Company Information

A Statement With a Mission

SpaceTimeWorks, LLC is a small business based in California, USA. The company was assembled in 2011 with the following goals:

  • Deliver executive research advice to companies and organizations in the areas of Analytics and Stochastic Methodologies across scientific fields.
  • Provide high-level, customized consulting services in the specialization field of spatiotemporal analysis and prediction.
  • Contribute to cutting edge research in the methodological and computational development of tools for space-time analysis.
  • Promote research, collaboration and intellectual interaction among scientists across the numerous disciplines that benefit from spatiotemporal analysis applications.
We aim to establish ourselves in the field of executive advisory as dependable professional consulting providers for the scientific, industry, and broader community. In the research domain, the company targets the specific niche of understanding natural systems, and applying physical principles to provide science-based solutions in the study of natural phenomena in space and time.

Commanding the Effort

Alexander Kolovos, Ph.D.Alexander Kolovos, Ph.D., is the owner of SpaceTimeWorks, LLC. He has a solid background in Sciences (Physics, Environmental Sciences) with continuous presence in academic research and strongly interdisciplinary collaborations. His industry tenure is in the forefront of commercial research, technology and development; specifically, he has been serving for more than 5 years as a Senior Software Developer in the statistical software leader SAS Institute, Inc. More recently, he has been designing and executing data science projects as an Analytics Software Engineer in the Research and Development division of the data warehousing and big data analytics leader Teradata.

Dr. Kolovos has published innovative and ground-breaking numerical contributions in spatiotemporal analysis methodologies by fusing his scientific background with the traditional statistics elements of the field. Most prominently, he was the first to implement full incorporation of physical laws as knowledge bases in stochastic space-time prediction, and his contribution achieved improved inference over the plain use of observed values. He has been consistently embracing participation in spatiotemporal projects across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. His involvement has earned him valuable experience in bridging communication gaps across disciplines and bringing diverse experts together into successful projects. Collaborations include applications in environmental, atmospheric, energy, public health, risk assessment, real estate, and temporal GIS research.

Dr. Kolovos is also an Adjunct Professor at the San Diego State University, and a Visiting Scholar with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA. In addition, he is a Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment journal.


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