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A Discussion Group on LinkedIn™

This is the main page for the Space-Time and Spatial Analysis scientific group on LinkedIn™.

This discussion group was created to become a hub for scientific, analytical, programming, and philosophical discussions centered on spatiotemporal analytics. The goal is to establish a forum and bring together professionals, researchers and scientists with an interest in methodologies, applications, modeling and practice.

Specifically, the group aims to explore

  • analytical methodologies to process and model various forms of spatiotemporal / spatial information. This information includes not only data, but can also extend to relevant principles, models or physical laws.
  • scientific approaches to improve our understanding of structure and behavior for attributes in the spatiotemporal continuum, since conditions and behaviors can vary vastly for different systems
  • practical implementation topics related to programming, numerical and application matters (leaning more on the analytical methodologies side than databases, web, mapping or visualization topics)
  • philosophical angles of scientific reasoning in the study of natural systems
  • connecting scientists and professionals interested in spatiotemporal and spatial analysis

Feel free to start your own discussion or participate in one of the existing topics by joining the Space-Time and Spatial Analysis scientific group on LinkedIn™.

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